Sunshine Genetics

Dedicated to the ET Profession

Dan Hornickel, Chris Keim and Greg Schueller have been involved with the American Embryo Transfer Association since the organization's formation. They have served as board members, officers and sat on several committees. All of the doctors at Sunshine Genetics are AETA Certified.

The AETA certification program requires veterinarians to have completed an examination demonstrating professional competence. Continuing education is an important part of the certifiction process that established standards of performance for the ET speciality. Because of the AETA certification, and the semi-annual inspection by USDA-APHIS veterinarians, can be exported worldwide.

The Sunshine Genetics' veterinary staff has given their time and shared their knowledge and years of experience with many veterinary students and other veterinarians seeking to improve their ET practices. 3rd or 4th year veterinary students that are considering ET as a career choice can contact Sunshine Genetics about spending a few days with the veterinarians.